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FCC Letters & Legal References

Rule clarifications and other pertinent information.

FCC Letter – MDC1200/FleetSync on GMRS

SUBJECT: FCC Help Case HD0000914140 Resolution The information you requested from the FCC can be found below in the body of the email.If you have any questions contact us at(877) 480-3201.Thank You!Case Id: HD0000914140Summary: OtherDescription: This is in reference to Case ID: HD0000913091 As requested, the FCC ID of the radio in question is: ALH37333110… Read More »FCC Letter – MDC1200/FleetSync on GMRS

FCC Letter – VoIP Linking of GMRS Repeaters

Case Id: HD0000002998556Summary: Licensing Requirements Description: There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether linking the audio of two or more GMRS repeaters via an internet connection is permitted or prohibited under the part 95 rules. Could we please get some sort of clarification as to whether this is a strictly prohibited… Read More »FCC Letter – VoIP Linking of GMRS Repeaters