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Request Access

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To gain access and permission to use to the SWCRS repeater system, we need to know a bit about you and get on the same page as to what constitutes acceptable use of the system. We need this for two reasons:

  1. The FCC requires that we maintain a list of users who we permit to use our equipment.
  2. The private owners of the equipment in use and the administrators for the system wish to to maintain a clean, welcoming system for all users. There are a few ground rules with what is and what’s not allowed on the network.

Terms of Use

Please read the terms of use at the following location: Repeater System Terms of Use

In a nutshell:

  1. Follow the FCC’s rules pertaining to the General Mobile Radio Service. Yes, you need a GMRS license to use this service, no, a ham radio license unfortunately does not grant you privileges to use the GMRS. That’s the FCC’s rules, not ours, we just follow them.
  2. Identify your transmissions consistent with the FCC’s rules.
  3. Treat other users of the system respectfully, and leave enough room between transmissions to allow other stations to break in if needed. Rag-chewing (long conversations) are allowed, but must yield to short traffic and break for other stations needing to use the system.
  4. Don’t cause intentional interference to the system itself and those using it.
  5. No kerchunking, if you need to test your reception of the repeater and see if it’s still there (hint: it is) throw out your call-sign to identify.

Access Request Form

If you agree to abide by the terms of use; you can use the following form to request access. You will receive a confirmation of your submission via email, and as soon as one of the administrators approves your request you will receive instructions on how to access the programming information for the system.