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Help us keep the lights on!


The SWCRS incurs regular, and very real, operating expenses associated with deploying new equipment, maintaining existing equipment, and keeping a plethora of other things running.

SWCRS is a collective effort of several groups and individuals providing a public service via a wide spread and sophisticated two-way radio system. Help us out! See the following groups and individuals and what they contribute to the system:

Arizona General Operations

The Tucson GMRS Association encourages the growth of GMRS in the Tucson Metro Area and beyond and is the administrative entity behind the Southwest Community Radio System. The Tucson GMRS Association is maintained by David WQVS960, Darren WRCU527, and Bill WQXE928 and funded solely by donations.

The Tucson GMRS Association is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity doing business as “Southwest Community Radio System,” donations to this entity are tax deductible.

AZ Repeaters:

  • Tucson 550
  • Continental 575
  • Lemmon 650
  • Heliograph 700
  • Portable 700
  • Avra Valley 675
  • Alpine 725
  • Guthrie 600 (Coming Soon)


  • Numerous hubs and servers for the linked network system
  • Zello Access
  • Administration & Back-end work for the SWCRS

New Mexico General Operations

Provided by Russ WQJI810, the New Mexico Linked System is a huge part of the SWCRS with many repeaters throughout the state.

Donations help cover expenses associated with running, maintaining, and expanding the repeater system in this state.

Donations to Russ are not tax deductible.

NM Repeaters

  • Pecos 550
  • Sandia 675
  • Sedillo Hill 600
  • Grants 650
  • East Mountain Canyon 700
  • Jack’s Peak 575
  • Capilla Peak 600
  • Datil 625
  • Caballo 575
  • Datil 700 (Standalone)
  • Mesa Rica 700
  • Logan 575


  • Numerous hubs and servers for the linked network system

Individual Repeater Owners

AZ Sierra Vista 550 Repeater, provided by Dan; WQPP400

AZ Towers 600 Repeater, provided by Matt; WRAP405

Donations to Matt are not tax deductible.