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Repeater Information

A general overview of the system

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A repeater is a radio station that can listen and transmit simultaneously (known as full-duplex) and is used to greatly extend the usable range of fixed, mobile and handheld radios in two-way communications. Located in advantageous locations and equipped with extensive antenna and filtering systems, the Southwest Community Radio System (SWCRS) provides numerous GMRS repeaters which are freely made available for public use.

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System Map

Below is a map of the current SWCRS systems, both active and planned.

Coverage Map

A detailed, interactive, coverage map of all repeaters on the link can be viewed in Google Earth.

  1. Download and install Google Earth Pro
  2. Download the current SWCRS Coverage File

Arizona Repeaters

Arizona has the following repeaters that are part of the SWCRS

Alpine 725462.725 MhzWQVS960Planned repeater on South Mountain near Alpine, AZ
Avra Valley 675462.675 MhzWQVS960Located near Dove Mountain on a directional antenna serving the Avra Valley/Picture Rocks area.
Continental 575462.575 MhzWRCU527Located near Tucson, I-10 and Twin Peaks Rd.
Guthrie 600462.600 MhzWQVS960Planned repeater on Guthrie Peak near Clifton and Morenci.
Heliograph 700462.700 MhzWQVS960Located near Mt. Graham, southeast of Safford
Lemmon 650462.650 MhzWQVS960Located on Mt. Lemmon, north of Tucson
Sierra Vista 550462.550 MhzWQPP400Located near central Sierra Vista
Towers 600462.600 MhzWRAP405Located on Towers Mountain just north of Phoenix.
Tucson 550462.550 MhzWQVS960Located south of downtown Tucson.

New Mexico Repeaters

New Mexico has the following repeaters that are part of the SWCRS

Caballo 575462.575 MhzWQJI810Located near Truth or Consequences.
Capilla Peak 600462.600 MhzWQJI810Located near Manzano
Clovis 575462.575 MhzWQJI810Located in Clovis, NM
Datil 625462.625 MhzWQJI810Located on Davenport Lookout, near Datil, NM
East Mountain Canyon 700462.700 MhzWQJI810Located near Tijeras & Albuquerque, east of the Sandias.
Farmington 575462.575 MhzWQJI810Located in Farmington, NM
Grants 650462.650 MhzWQJI810Located near Grants, on Mt. Taylor.
Jack's Peak 625462.625 MhzWQJI810Located between Silver City and Lordsburg.
Logan 575462.575 MhzWQJI810Located near Lake Conchas, NM
Mesa Rica 700462.700 MhzWQJI810Located on Mesa Rica, NM covering I-40 near Santa Rosa
Pecos 550462.550 MhzWQJI810Located north of Pecos, NM.
Sandia 675462.675 MhzWQJI810Located on Sandia Crest covering ABQ and beyond.
Sedillo Hill 650462.650 MhzWQJI810Located on Sedillo Hill near Tijeras and Glenwood.

Standalone Repeaters

The following standalone repeaters are also part of the SWCRS. Standalone repeaters are not connected to the linked system.

Datil 700462.700 MhzWQJI810Located on Davenport Lookout near Datil, NM

Access Tones

Access tones are made available to the licensed public, but must be requested from the SWCRS administration team.

  1. To request access; see “Request Access
  2. If your access request has been approved; please see “Programming Information,” for the tones and ready-to-go code plugs for a number of radios. You will need the password included in your approval email.