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On-air gatherings on the SWCRS

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The SWCRS hosts the following nets on a weekly basis. Join us on there, these are also available Northern Arizona Linked System at the scheduled times. Nets are coordinated by Lance WRKC705 and Darren WRCU527.

Interested in trying your hand at being a net control operator or have thoughts about establishing another net? Contact Lance at

NameArizona TimeNew Mexico TimeDescription
Southwest Regional NetSunday @ 4:00 PM
Earlies at 3:30 PM
Sunday @ 5:00 PM
Earlies at 4:30 PM
The weekly cattle call for... whatever! Check in, make yourself heard, and chime in on whatever topic net control throws out
Tech NetWednesday @ 7:00 PMWednesday @ 8:00 PMBring your radio questions to the tech net and have them discussed by the group; this net is available to anyone with questions on radios, antennas, grounding practices, operating practices, repeaters, anything radio oriented goes!

Southwest Regional Net

The Southwest Regional Net is the general weekly cattle call for all users on our system; this is a great time to verify your gear is working properly, tune in with hundreds of other folks, and chat about whatever the net control operator throws out as a topic. This net opens with a portion for announcements – tune in to stay current on developments on the repeater system, regular events, and any other local happenings that folks wish to share.

Net control operators: the net’s scripts and spreadsheets are available here: SWCRS Drive – Southwest Regional Net

Your SW Regional NCO’s are:

  • WRKC705 Lance
  • WRCU527 Darren
  • WRKF848 Sam Number 3
  • WQUX89 Travis
  • WRFG930 Andy
  • WRFI506 Operator Steve
  • WRFN434 Dominic
  • WRFU591 Russell
  • WRJP634 Super Gene
  • WRJR618 Brian
  • WRNR761 Andrew
  • WRNW963/1 John
  • WRNW963/2 Antoinette
  • WRPN676/1 Larry
  • WRPN676/2 Samantha
  • WRPN838 John

Tech Net

Held Wednesdays, bring whatever radio related questions you might have for the net. The format of this net is back and forth, with the NCO calling for questions and then delegating them to folks on the air to chime in on. Like the Southwest Regional Net, this net opens with a portion for announcements relevant to the system or local area.

Net control operators: the net’s scripts and spreadsheets are available here: SWCRS Drive – Tech Net

Your tech net NCO’s are:

  1. WRKC705 Lance
  2. WRJP634 Super Gene
  3. WRJR618 Brian