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The Southwest Community Radio System

A Member Supported Linked Radio Network.

Announcements | General Mobile Radio Service

Caballo 575 & Guthrie 600 Back On-Link

Both the Caballo 575 and Guthrie 600 machines are now back on the link. The repeaters were off-link due to some router gremlins; thanks to Marvin WRFX764 (Caballo), and Larry WRJM993 / N5BG and Joe WRQI799 / K7JEM (Guthrie) for… Read More »Caballo 575 & Guthrie 600 Back On-Link

General Mobile Radio Service | Public Records & Documents

SWCRS ’22 Traffic Survey Results

Results from the ’22 traffic survey are now available for download: Summary: For the most part, traffic levels on the network are acceptable, however almost 40% of users preferred to re-arrange the link in some way, shape, or form. Given… Read More »SWCRS ’22 Traffic Survey Results

Our Mission: To develop the capabilities of the General Mobile and Amateur Radio Services, and encourage a natural interest in radio communications with the communities we serve by providing infrastructure, educational opportunities, and community events.

Public Records: Public records for the Tucson GMRS Association (dba. “Southwest Community Radio System”) can be found here: Public Records & Documents